Mission and Purpose

Industrial Training Chandigarh, originated as the answer to a problem –the lack of quality manpower that was leading to a hiring crisis of skilled manpower in IT Industry. The ancestor company Megrisoft Limited is increasing and expanding its business 30% year on year but the lack of skilled and quality of human resource availability had left us with serious questions about future growth of the whole company. That’s why Industrial Training Chandigarh was created, its charge being to prepare and polish fresh IT graduates and arm them with information of current IT trends and domains along with soft skills so they could be immediately employable.

What is the goal of Industrial Training Chandigarh?

The main aim of us is to deal with existing skilled manpower problems in the IT industry and create a volume of quality professionals and experts for growing the height of employment in IT Industry. That’s our scenario which ITC is following for handling the current shortcomings encountered by the IT Market and generating positive results.

Resolving Problem 1:

Gap between skills needed and skills grabbed. Colleges are still teaching old technologies following old syllabus in the era when the needs of the industry are completely different. At ITS, fresh IT graduates learn the most current technologies and domains of their relevant field, work on live projects of the clients and increase their chances of getting employed. In fact our trainees usually get excellent placements.

Resolving Problem 2:

The eternal mismatch of old and outdated core curriculum and wobbly current corporate requirements. Our modules of different technologies and domains are framed only after broad research so it embodies what is actually the demand of IT market. Training in Industrial Training Chandigarh way will provide equilibrium state to theory sessions with generous amounts of lab work and work on live projects to make our students a perfect fit in present day IT companies.

Resolving Problem 3:

Large investments are required in working out on IT resources before they are ready for working in company environment. Industrial Training Chandigarh generates an eminently appoint able bulk of industry-ready graduates who can get ready to roll up their sleeves and work-right from Day one of their Training.

Resolving Problem 4:

Industrial Training Chandigarh was a gesture from the heart of Megrisoft Limited; brought into being by its Founder Mohnesh Kohli in 1992 from the past 15 years company is exploring its domains with the management team that represents some of experienced management and technology experts in the Complete Web Solution environment. A company is known by the people who are working under the roof of that organization. The Company has high academic go-getter driven by professional goals. Some of the employees are with us since 2000 which indicate the company capabilities.

Resolving Problem 5:

Communication and way of representing skills among fresh IT graduates are low. There is lack of good knowledge of communication skills in the area and there is a crying need for IT people who can communicate well especially since 90% of clients are from overseas. By imparting soft skills, etiquette and personality development training and real world experience we are creating a pool of IT graduates who can mix in any corporate environment and communicate with clarity.


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